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Instant preview environments

It’s time to rethink your development workflow

Your entire team is spending a lot of time manually setting up their development infrastructure. Let Okteto take care of that and free up your developers to focus on what matters... innovating and shipping value.

Here’s how it works...

Step 1Unlock productivity with one-click development environments

From simple to complex apps with 30+ microservices, get instant environments for fast, repeatable and reliable development workflows.

Step 2Previews for Everyone

Okteto is the easiest and fastest way to get shareable preview environments with each pull request to keep your entire organization in the loop and collaborating.

Step 3Scale with new workflows

Once you’ve unlocked the power of Okteto, you’ll find the development process doesn’t stop at engineering. Use environments for sales, customer feedback and more.

Development Environments for all

Whether you’re building with Kubernetes, Docker Compose or your own services built in house, you can get started today with any type of application.


If you’re building something cool and don’t want to worry about development infrastructure, get started here.

For Teams

Are you buiding a new development experience? Let us show you how Okteto can help scale team velocity.

Learn how Engineering R&D team of 115+ developers uses Okteto daily for development environments.

LaunchDarkly developers hit the ground running and never stop. Okteto shortens the gap to production so they can confidently ship faster.

Discover How Okteto Helped Privacy Dynamics Shift Left to Accelerate Velocity and Improve Dev Experience.

Keep exploring...

Remote development environments help everyone go faster. We’re sure there’s an Okteto solution for your team.

Open Source

Use the pieces of Okteto that are right for you



Our hosted solution for individuals and teams


Run Okteto on your own infrastructure

What’s stopping you from transforming your software development process?

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