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Unify, Automate and Govern Development Environments across Every Stage of the Lifecycle

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Automation that powers innovation, productivity and business value

Okteto provides a foundation for Platform and DevX Engineering to accelerate modern development experience and environment automation on Kubernetes from dev to prod

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Okteto Unifies

Platform and DevX Engineering quickly adopt the Okteto Platform to automate full stack development environments on Kubernetes from dev to preview testing to deployment.

Okteto Automates

Modern developers use the ultimate development experiences, designed by platform teams, to execute work without friction or any environment overhead.

Okteto Governs

Okteto gives the entire development team the visibility, trust, and control required for success with Kubernetes-driven modern apps.

Ready-to-use automation across the lifecycle

Platform & DevX Engineers

  • Unify, standardize, and govern modern development environments
  • Pre-configure and provision modern DevX to quickly spin-up environments
  • Align development and production deployment of microservices and Kubernetes
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Modern App Developers

  • Developers work in Modern Experiences designed by platform engineers for Microservices and K8s
  • Make local code changes and Okteto will sync changes in running dev environments
  • Ready to share namespaces and environments making team development simple
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Extended Product, Test & Deploy Teams

  • Quickly integrate with devops and run Preview Environments on every pull request
  • Deliver a Catalog of ready-to-use app-configured environments
  • Faster production-like cycles for SRE quality, security and performance verification
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Customers experiencing modern development joy

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