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Automate everything with one platform for unified development experience

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Platform teams build modern development experiences with Okteto

Adopt a foundation for Platform and DevX Engineering to automate, production-like development environments on Kubernetes.

The result is increased developer productivity and streamlined workflows.

Remove your biggest barriers to velocity

Eliminate Toil

Say goodbye to manual, repetitive, non-productive tasks needed to spin-up environments

Fast Onboarding

Standardize environments across teams for a faster path to real project work

Define The Experience

A software defined approach defines a modern interface for every developer and stage

Production-like Consistency

Make dev and prod be as close as possible, so that the apps you test on dev work in prod

Cost Control

Have a controlled and automated solution for expensive, long-running environments

On-demand Provisioning

Rapidly configure, provision and de-provision environments ready for shared access and usage

Your ready-to-use platform for automating environments on Kubernetes

Achieve a faster inner loop

Make understanding apps, writing code, running tests, and iterating lightning fast.

Automate a cloud native development experience

Automate provisioning of modern environments for dev, test and Kubernetes deployment (a key step in your microservices journey!)

Close the production to development gap

Unify provisioning production-like configurations across the development lifecycle with a single platform

Build a self-service development experience

Increase developer creativity, confidence and collaboration through a modern development experience

Get instant preview environments

Automatically provision environments for testing every PR and for sharing new features with marketing and sales.

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