5 steps to bring DevX automation to your company
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Automate your team's cloud native development experience with the Okteto platform and realize increased dev velocity and productivity

Automate Dev Environments

Platform engineers can automate dev envs with one platform on Kubernetes

Enjoy a Faster Inner Loop

Just code, build, test with production-like envs

Standardize Automation with Environment as Code

Environment as Code platform simplifies and standardizes automation across dev to prod

Unify Environment Management

Unified environment management increases visibility, trust, and control

Deploy and Control Any Resource

Deploy and control microservices and dependent resources without developer friction

Pre-configure App Environments

Standardize, control and scale pre-configured dev environments

Automate Preview Environments

Learn how to automate and deploy preview test environments internally and externally

Deliver Self-service Dev Sharing

See how developers can seamlessly collaborate building microservice apps