5 steps to bring DevX automation to your company
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Platform Features

For Dev Environment Automation on Kubernetes

Manifest Simplifies Environment Automation

The Okteto Manifest, an environment as code approach, standardizes automation of every development environment on Kubernetes.

  • BUILD, automates images to deploy
  • DEPLOY, provisions defined environments with Helm Chart and Docker Compose
  • DEV, defines development automation containers for inner loop workflow and tasks
  • All environments run on Kubernetes

Metrics for evaluating platform efforts

Okteto provides numerous data points related to platform usage and your application via API endpoints. With this platform teams can understand usage data better and truly embrace the platform-as-a-product approach. These metrics help:

  • Measuring DevX adoption and report ROI
  • Monitoring the usage of development infra and scale accordingly
  • Understanding how developers use the platform
  • Seeing changes in application build and deploy times
  • Highlighting areas for optimizations to speed up development cycles

Unified Management Interface

Platform and DevX Engineers use a unified admin interface to manage visibility, trust, and control of the entire platform. Features include:

  • All user information and ability to manage per developer deployments
  • Node information and ability to manage capacity and resource usage
  • Namespaces status. Shows status for all developers and environments
  • Current Previews. Shows running status for all preview testers
  • Defined Secrets are visible and governed in a central view
  • Catalog to deploy pre-config apps with production like environments

Deploy Any Resource and Environment

Okteto External Resources integrates any resource with Kubernetes development environments.

  • Platform and DevX teams can govern the lifecycle of all microservices and dependent resources
  • External Resource integrates any resource with Kubernetes cluster and dev environment
  • Examples are: External Resources are applications, databases, message brokers, serverless functions, security infrastructure, reporting dashboards, etc

Try: External Resource Samples

Catalog App-ready Environments

Okteto Catalog provides the ultimate developer experience for on-demand, self-service launching of application-configured environments.

  • The Catalog enables platform engineers to pre-configure and publish a list of launch ready application configurations that deploy complete running environments.
  • Everyone on the team including software engineers, testers, and the extended product team benefit from ease of use and deployment.

Automate Preview Environments

Use Preview Environments to automate end-to-end test tasks. Preview environments allow provisioning and de-provisioning complete application environments for live reviewing of code changes on every pull request.

  • Enable collaboration with testers, as well as, non-developer project team members
  • Preview Environments run on Kubernetes
  • Easily integrate with source control and CI/CD (GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, others)