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Version: 1.20

Use Token as your Authentication Provider

Okteto defaults to token-based authentication to simplify the installation and configuration of Okteto self-hosted.

This enables you to use a token for a single user, login to the Okteto UI, and start exploring Okteto's features and functionality much faster than configuring other authentication methods. Other authentication methods are more time-consuming and cumbersome to configure.

Once you've completed the initial configuration of Okteto using token-based authentication and explored the product, you can then switch to another authentication method. Token-based authentication would no longer be ideal as you expand to multiple users and incorporating production environments into Okteto.

To use token-based authentication, remove the auth section of your Okteto Helm configuration file and upgrade your Okteto instance for the new configuration to be applied. Then, follow our post-installation notes to learn how to login to the Okteto UI and configure your Okteto CLI with a randomly generated token.