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Version: 1.22

Preview Environments

Preview environments allow you to include a live preview of your changes on every pull request. This is a fantastic way to collaborate with your team's technical, as well as non-technical members, to receive early feedback.

Preview Environments

Okteto's preview environments are powered by Kubernetes and easily integrate with your favorite source control and CI/CD provider. They work using the Okteto manifest, so are very simple to get started with.

To unlock the full potential of Okteto Preview Environments, you can also combine it with our testing infrastructure and run integration test against your environments.

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket Pipelines (coming soon!)
  • Azure DevOps (coming soon!)


Preview environments deploy the code in a pull request to Okteto. You can configure the way your code gets deployed using the Okteto manifest's deploy section.