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Version: 1.20

Use Google as your Authentication Provider

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to configure Google as the authentication provider for Okteto.

Please refer to Google's official documentation on how to create an OAuth 2.0 Client for more information.


  • A working installation of Okteto
  • Helm 3.0+ installed in your local machine
  • Access to a Google account with permissions to create an OAuth 2.0 Client

Create the OAuth 2.0 Client

When creating the OAUTH 2.0 Client, you will need to provide the following values:

Authorized javascript origin:


Authorized redirect URIs:


Copy the Client Secret value. You'll need it to configure Okteto.

Configure Okteto

Once you have the Google OAuth 2.0 Client ready, update the auth section of your Helm configuration file with the following values:

enabled: true

You can also use a secret to store the sensitive part of these credentials.

Upgrade your Okteto instance for the new configuration to be applied. We recommend that you upgrade to the same version that you already have to minimize the changes and help you troubleshoot any issues.

The allowDomains field is optional. Only users with Google Workspace accounts that match one of the domains on the list will be allowed to log into your Okteto instance. An empty allowDomains field permits any user with a valid Google Workspace account to log in.