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TestimonialsThe Trouble With In-House Development Environments

At first glance, creating an internal cloud development experience platform may appear to be a sage business choice. Hey, a custom solution allows teams to manage specifications and control the release process to meet their immediate needs.

However, building an in-house platform also means that your team will be accountable for future development expenditures, ongoing research, maintenance, bug fixes, platform updates, and support. These tasks can be expensive and time-consuming, removing valuable resources from your core business activities.

When it comes to in-house development platforms: “Easy to develop - impossible to maintain.”

"Our homegrown solution took a massive investment of our engineering to keep kubernetes, docker, and all kinds of cutting edge technologies updated and supported," says Marc Campbell, Replicated co-founder and CTO.

Watch the interview with Marc to discover more why the company turned to Okteto to increase their developer productivity by 200%.


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