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With Okteto, your team gets:

  • Realistic development environments: Trusted development environments for every developer that look like production.

  • Replicability: Eliminate the need to install your dependencies locally. Everything is pre-configured and defined in the Okteto Catalog.

  • The fastest development workflow: Write code, save it, and see it in the cloud. It's that fast.

  • Previews for everyone: Okteto is the easiest and fastest way to get sharable preview environments with each pull request.

  • Full control: Okteto runs on your own infrastructure. All you need is a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Admin visibility: A unified interface to manage visibility, trust, and control of the entire platform.

Andy Bold
Andy Bold
Senior Platform Engineer, LaunchDarkly
Since everything runs in a Kubernetes-powered cloud environment, developers can be sure that what they see is what they get when they push code to production. Freeing up resources on their local machines has been a nice added benefit of cloud development.

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