5 steps to bring DevX automation to your company
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This trial gives you the time to evaluate your use cases for automating development environments on Kubernetes. You get to work with the best development experience automation platform and see the benefits live.

With Okteto, your platform and devX engineering team gets:

  • Environment as Code approach using the Okteto Manifest: A single, simplified approach for building and deploying every development environment from dev to production.

  • A catalog of pre-configured full-stack environments: With the Okteto Platform Catalog, it becomes easy to repeat and scale full stack dev environments with a governed experience.

  • Standardize and control any resource with Okteto External Resources: Microservice apps depend on cloud and legacy resources when launching in K8s development clusters.

  • Automate self-service development environments: Your developers will run apps with a modern development interface configured production-like without requiring K8s expertise.

  • Elevate your team’s DevX with frictionless sharing: Okteto will generate a URL for your development environment and app that you can share with anyone else in your organization.

  • Use Preview Environments to automate modern test tasks: Okteto Preview Environments provision complete app environments for live reviewing of changes on every pull request.

  • Unified Interface for Administering & Managing All Environments: Use a unified interface to manage all environments and control the development experience for the platform.

Andy Bold
Andy Bold
Senior Platform Engineer, LaunchDarkly
Since everything runs in a Kubernetes-powered cloud environment, developers can be sure that what they see is what they get when they push code to production. Freeing up resources on their local machines has been a nice added benefit of cloud development.

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