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TestimonialsOpportunity Cost of Building a Cloud Development Platform

Replicated enables the seamless delivery and management of Kubernetes applications in multi-prem, customer-controlled environments using a single architecture – whether or not customers are using Kubernetes.

Like many development organizations challenged with environments unable to meet the demands of modern complex cloud-native applications, Replicated attempted to create a homegrown dev environment solution. But unfortunately, like most companies, they discovered building your own platform was making developer matters worse. “Easy to develop - impossible to maintain.”

Replicated's in-house solution took a massive investment of engineering to keep kubernetes, docker, and all kinds of cutting edge technologies updated and supported. The team confessed maintaining the solution took up precious engineering time to support because "every day something was broken."

Click below to watch an interview with Replicated’s Dexter Horthy, who discusses the negative opportunity costs of building.


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