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WebinarsMaking Kubernetes Dev-Friendly with Okteto and Komodor

Kubernetes has become the software world’s infrastructure, leading to significant changes in application architecture and packaging. Despite the introduction of new technologies and practices, they have not kept pace with the rapid growth of the K8s ecosystem.

As a result, developers who once solely focused on coding are now spending hours on operations, leading to a longer feedback loop during development. They’re expected to have an understanding of Kubernetes in order to do their jobs, causing a significant drop in productivity and leading to a poor dev experience.

What’s the solution? Firstly, dev environments should be cloud-native and mirror the production cluster to avoid any discrepancies. Secondly, developers need a platform that translates K8s to dev-speak and enables them to operate and troubleshoot their apps independently.

Join Nir and Arsh to learn how this can be achieved using Okteto and Komodor, and how to live a better life as a K8s developer :)


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