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TalksDid We Make Developers Happy by Shifting to Microservices?

Containerization made us realize that it made more sense to break our monolithic applications into a bunch of smaller microservices that interacted with each other. We changed how we deploy our applications and architect our applications, but we STILL had developers continuing to write code using the same old tools they did before. This introduced frictions in the development process:

  • developers had to spend a lot of time configuring things before they could get to the "code writing" phase
  • being able to accurately mimic the production setup during development became almost impossible
  • the feedback loop became very slow due to CI pipelines and staging environments being the only way to be able to test changes in a production setup

This talk will go into the details of these problems and analyze how they lead to a bad developer experience when working on microservices-based applications. After discussing these problems, the talk will also go over the current attempts we as an industry are making to solve these issues and make lives easier for developers.


Arsh SharmaDeveloper Experience Engineer / Emojiologist 😜View all videos

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