5 steps to bring DevX automation to your company
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DownloadTemplates for Modern Development Experience Automation Projects

What's inside this workbook

This workbook is designed to provide a process, set of deliverables, and a discovery project template to capture the goals, requirements, and how to best organize your platform and development experience automation practice. Use the workbook as a step-by-step playbook to mobilize your platform team by:

  • Understanding the current development experience situation
  • Capturing the business/engineering requirements translated to development adoption and lifecycle metrics
  • Defining a plan for the future development experience automation platform
  • Preparing a plan and set of requirements for a Modern Development Experience platform and the automation
  • Establishing the technical lead(s) and start to organize key automation work streams

Download the Workbook today and take the next step toward formalizing your Platform and Development Experience Automation project.

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