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Version: 1.20

Using the Okteto CLI

The Okteto CLI is our open-source tool that let's you develop your applications on Okteto.

If you haven't done so yet, install and configure the Okteto CLI following this guide.

The Okteto CLI requires one of the following manifests to know how to deploy your application:

  1. Okteto manifest: if there is an okteto.yml or .okteto/okteto.yml file in your folder, Okteto will use this file to deploy your application
  2. Docker Compose: if there is an okteto-compose.yaml, docker-compose.yaml or compose.yaml file, Okteto will use this file to deploy your application

You can use the -f flag on any Okteto CLI command to explicitly define the location of an Okteto Manifest.

If you do not yet have an Okteto Manifest, we recommend to follow this tutorial to create your first Okteto Manifest.

If you have a Docker Compose file, the Okteto CLI can directly deploy your application without generating an Okteto Manifest. However, you can still choose to create an Okteto Manifest referring to your Docker Compose file if you want more control over the configuration of your Development Environment.

You can find our full CLI reference guide here ->

Now that you know more about the Okteto CLI, let's introduce the concept of Development Containers 😎