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Welcoming Teresa Romero to Okteto

Our team here at Okteto is growing quickly, and we’re excited to announce that Teresa Romero joined our engineering team this month!

Today we’re going to share a bit about Teresa and her path into a software engineering career.

Teresa began her career as an Industrial Engineer, where she did things like technical quotes for specialized pump spare parts, managed the sales orders, and collaborated to improve internal processes by automating them using Excel Macros.

Looking for a challenge in her career, she decided to enroll in Ironhack’s Web Development BootCamp and learn to code so she could become a software engineer. She has worked as a software engineer for Rebellion Pay, Adidas, and is now here at Okteto.

One of the things she’s excited about at Okteto is using Golang for the first time and being part of a startup that is improving the developer experience when building software.

Teresa is passionate about helping girls get into tech and will be an upcoming mentor for the Girls in Tech Spain hackathon.

Regarding how to get more women involved in tech careers, Teresa says, “The tech industry is a great place to be, full of possibilities to develop a career. Eventually, women will have more presence as we keep pushing and encouraging girls to pursue a career in tech and science. It is important for future generations to have role models to whom they can see themselves reflected.”

When Teresa is not working, she can often be found trying out new restaurants or cooking, and posting about her food experiences to her Instagram account.

Are you interested in joining the Okteto team? Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Work at a Startup to learn about roles as they open.

Happy Coding!

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