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Announcing Our New Preview Environments Experience

Preview environments help developers test their code and share it with everyone on their team, whether in technical or non-technical roles. It’s one of the features of Okteto that we’re most proud of, because of not only how much it helps developers, but also all members of the team including designers, your sales team, product managers, and more.

With our new Preview Environments experience, we’ve taken our preview environments to the next level with some pretty cool new features.

Preview environments in the dashboard

Preview environments now have a dedicated section in the dashboard. Simply log in and you’ll see the new Previews tab available directly under Namespaces.

Preview environments dashboard

Getting started with preview environments

Okteto's preview environments are powered by Kubernetes and easily integrate with your favorite source control and CI/CD provider.

We have docs available to get started with the new preview environments for both GitHub and Gitlab.

We also have new GitHub actions specifically focused on preview environment management.

Ready to give it a try?

Try it with GitHub

Try it with GitLab

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