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Okteto Extends Developer Experience to All Resources

Platform Builders Can Automate Lifecycle Control for Every Environment

San Francisco, CA - April 18, 2023 - Okteto, the leader in modern development experience automation, announced today at KubeCon Europe 2023 a new Okteto Release 1.7 with External Resources that integrate any resource with Kubernetes development environments. External Resources are used to access any resource including applications, databases, message brokers, serverless functions, security infrastructure, reporting dashboards, etc that are not available as containerized services and can be hosted anywhere. Once an External Resource is defined in Okteto, developers can instantly deploy, run, and test cloud native microservices without concern for configuring support for external dependencies with a single-click. Okteto Release 1.7 with External Resources is available in both SaaS and self-hosted offerings.

Platform teams can now deliver a great development experience for modern app developers with External Resources

Typically Platform and DevOps teams are required to install and configure applications, execute custom admin scripts just to keep up with provisioning and de-provisioning infrastructure for development. As a result, developers are often stuck waiting for environments, when they could be developing applications. Now Platform and Development Experience teams can build a single development experience to govern the environments for all microservices and development resources and continuously automate a modern experience for all developers.

When customers are in production with microservices and Kubernetes, many want to develop on Kubernetes.  When microservices are dependent on any external resources this significantly slows down development and the lifecycle control for environments.  Our goal with External Resources is to enable platform engineering teams with all the necessary features to deliver a complete modern lifecycle and a developer experience for any resource anywhere

Ramiro BerrellezaCEO & Co-founder, Okteto
Ramiro BerrellezaRamiro Berrelleza

Customers are evolving to Microservices and Kubernetes Platforms

Modern application development teams can now speed the adoption of Kubernetes-ready architecture with support for existing non-container workloads. Not all required application resources are implemented in containers nor hosted on Kubernetes which can be a blocker to releasing new applications. Now that Okteto has released External Resources, many legacy applications, infrastructure, as well as, modern applications services can be automated with every development environment to speed productivity and delivery. Customers and technology partners will be using Okteto to provide a robust, incremental path to cloud native microservice applications.

Okteto and LaunchDarkly share a common vision to provide developers the ultimate modern software development experience.  Okteto's External Resources allows our developers and our broader community to fully integrate LaunchDarkly in their development environment and gain the benefits of feature flags as soon as they start developing.

John KodumalCTO and Co-founder, LaunchDarkly
John KodumalJohn Kodumal

Modern app developers using Okteto can use best-in-category services like MongoDB Atlas directly from their development environments with scalable and secure data environments for any cloud. We are excited about how our customers can leverage this cutting edge development experience automation.

Andrew DavidsonSVP, Products, MongoDB
Andrew DavidsonAndrew Davidson

Customers developing applications need access to secure, consistent, and high integrity production-like data.  Especially during development and testing, it’s critical to execute modern apps with a modern production-like environment. Developers can now use Okteto External Resources with Privacy Dynamics to automatically spin-up the exact production like app and data environments without any additional headaches for the developer or test engineers.  We are excited about partnering with Okteto to enable great development experiences.

John CraftCTO & Co-Founder, Privacy Dynamics
John CraftJohn Craft

External Resources Extend Modern Development Experience Automation

Platform and Development Experience Engineers are able to provision environments in Kubernetes that can now access resources anywhere with a single-click experience. Okteto External Resources includes:

  • Defining any external resource in your Okteto manifest from any cloud or or service provider
  • Leverage a single approach to govern development environments for modern apps
  • Manage resources deployed outside the Okteto Kubernetes cluster
  • Adds robust, lifecycle control for microservice dependencies / when needed / if required
  • “external” includes any resource like: Applications, databases, message brokers, serverless functions, reporting dashboards, any resource, everywhere..

Platform and Development Experience Engineering Benefits

  • For Platform / Development Experience engineering teams - A robust, graceful way of taking control of the lifecycle of external dependencies as part of the development experience
  • For Modern Development teams - Less time and risk implementing microservice app dependencies, runtime configurations, and debugging
  • For Modern Architects - Easier and faster way to evolve and execute distributed applications (legacy and microservices) and the automation for distributed resources/systems/apps/security, any resource, any where.

With Okteto, the entire team can enjoy benefits such as increased visibility, improved trust, and more governance and control. The team can quickly find and manage app dependencies and mitigate the risk of manual deployment errors.

With the addition of External Resources, the Okteto experience enables faster and higher quality transition to cloud native apps and platforms, providing more innovation and value to developers and startups.

Learn more about External Resources and how Platform teams can deliver a great development experience for modern developers.

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