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TalksUsing Kubernetes and Crossplane Together to Help Developers Code Cloud Native Applications

This talk covers why there is a need to give developers access to Kubernetes-based development environments and Crossplane during development. So they can code and test their changes in an environment as close to production as possible. The talk highlights developers' challenges due to a lack of simple infrastructure provisioning workflow and how Kubernetes and Crossplane come together to solve that. We then see how a simple yet powerful dev workflow can be set up using Crossplane and Kubernetes-based development environments. The talk covers the following:

  • What Kubernetes based development environments are, and how does Crossplane provisions infrastructure
  • Why developers need the combination of the two to be effective when writing cloud-native applications
  • Demo of setting up a dev workflow using them


Arsh SharmaDeveloper Experience Engineer / EmojiologistView all videos
Viktor FarcicDeveloper Advocate View all videos

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