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TalksProw! Leveraging Developer-Centric CI for Your OSS Project!

Prow is a CI system maintained by Kubernetes SIG Testing to test Kubernetes on Kubernetes. Prow is designed as a pluggable system of components and it can be used as a generic CI system.

The robust architecture of Prow can lead to challenges in deploying it. In the talk, we will navigate the challenges faced when deploying and using Prow, including setting up the Prow control plane components, configuring access for GitHub repos, and enabling Prow plugins. Prow is used by large projects in the CNCF landscape like Kubernetes, Knative, cert-manager, Falco, to name a few. Even though a lot of these projects have deployed Prow successfully, it is a challenge to set up Prow.

The talk highlights the common pitfalls and gotchas that one will run into when deploying Prow. The talk covers:

  • A roundup of Prow Architecture *
  • Cloud resources required for Prow and setting them up
  • Capabilities of Prow like running tests, using GitHub comments for interaction, auto merging pull requests.


Arsh SharmaDeveloper Experience Engineer / Emojiologist 😜View all videos
Nabarun PalSenior Member of Technical Staff View all videos

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