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Technical Writer Program

Okteto is looking for guest technical writers who can write blog posts, tutorials, and samples on topics related to:

  • Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Applications.
  • Application development and deployment with Okteto.
  • Interesting ways to use Okteto.

How does it work?

If you have an exciting idea, send us a note to writers@okteto.com with your proposal. Please include the following in your proposal:

  • Title of the post.
  • Overview of the content (3-5 sentences is enough).
  • Main takeaway of the content.

For each published article, we will pay you $200. We post only original, first-run content.

What is the publication process?

  • Apply to the program with your topic idea and outline.
  • If accepted, collaborate with the Okteto team to refine your topic and outline for your post.
  • Write the article, and submit the first draft to the Okteto team.
  • Send a zip file containing all the images used in the draft to writers@okteto.com.
  • The Okteto team will work with you to edit your draft.
  • Once it's ready, we'll send you your payment and schedule your draft to be published.

What are we looking for in an author?

We're looking for a diverse group of technical writers with experience in the topics we are publishing. Our readers have a wide range of skills, but we're looking for authors who can write for beginning and intermediate developers.

What is the desired article length?

We require accepted authors to submit a draft with a word count of 1200 words and above.