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Preview environments
for your Applications

Sharable preview environments for full-stack applications with every pull request.

Preview Environments Diagram

Preview environments as a service

With Okteto’s preview environments, you get a separate preview environment for each pull request, available at its own sharable URL.

Everyone can see changes before they’re merged to production. No stepping on toes since your code will have its own preview environment, plus free up your DevOps team from spending time creating temp environments.

From a git branch to a preview environment

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Instant preview environments

Any language, any stack

Okteto is powered by Kubernetes, and works with the tools you already use like docker-compose, helm, or kubectl. Okteto also works with any language and any stack!

Ship value faster

Instead of waiting for CI to run tests before merging to a staging environment (which could have a line of developers waiting) jump the line and preview code in a production-like environment instantly.

Since you’re testing only your feature or update, you’ll get instant feedback on your code. Get back to the work you love instead of combing through code to fix a bug. Plus, get feedback from your entire team, including those in non-technical roles.

Your infrastructure under control
Instant preview environments

Preview environments aren’t just for developers

While developers use preview environments daily, your entire team can benefit from them, including: Product owners, Q&A teams, sales teams, designers, stakeholders, and customers.

Okteto is the easiest and fastest way to create and update your preview enviroments and keep everyone in the loop.

Want to see it in action? Try it with your favorite source control provider:

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Development Environments

Helm, docker-compose, Kubernetes manifests, and more. From simple to complex apps with 30+ services, get instant development environments with just the click of a button.

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Remote Development

Work in your development environment just like you do locally. Write code and see your results immediately. No need to build and redeploy each time you write code.

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Okteto Enterprise

Give your team the power of Okteto Cloud, with the control and flexibility of running in your Kubernetes infrastructure. Okteto Enterprise is free for small teams.

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