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Version: 1.22

Installation Overview


If you are interested in using Okteto's SaaS offering, you can ignore this page and skip to Install the Okteto CLI.

Getting your Okteto License

A license is mandatory to use Okteto. You'll receive a license key as part of your subscription to Okteto. If you haven't received it, please open a support ticket.

If you are interested in evaluating Okteto, sign up for our free 30 days trial. No credit card required.

Deploying Okteto

Okteto is distributed as a Helm chart. These cloud-specific guides walk you through deploying the Okteto Helm chart with default values and a basic configuration:

Video Tutorials

If you need help installing Okteto on your Kubernetes cluster, we have a playlist of videos guiding you through each of the installation steps. Check them out here:


We've done our best to make Okteto easy to install and operate. The troubleshooting page has tips and tricks to help troubleshoot common issues.

You can also reach out to support if you need assistance.

Uninstalling Okteto

To delete an existing release use:

helm uninstall okteto

This will delete Okteto, but not the resources created when using it (e.g. namespaces, accounts, deployments, etc...).