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Version: 1.19

Okteto Self-Hosted


Okteto Self-Hosted allows you to run Okteto on your own infrastructure.

Tailored for organizations that prioritize control, security, and customization, this version allows you to bring Okteto's platform into your private or on-premises infrastructure. You maintain complete oversight while empowering your developers with the tools they need to build faster and more effectively.

Okteto Self-Hosted is distributed as a Helm chart. This contains all the required components for the complete Okteto experience.

Okteto components:

  • NGINX Ingress
  • Okteto/API
  • Okteto/Buildkit
  • Okteto/Frontend
  • Okteto/Migration
  • Okteto/Registry
  • Okteto/Validation Webhook

Installation Guides

If you haven't installed Okteto yet, these cloud-specific guides will walk you through deploying the Okteto Helm chart with default values and basic configuration:

The sub-pages in this section will help you to configure and manage your Okteto installation

  • Complete the installation - Includes guides for deploying Okteto through ArgoCD, setting up your own certificates, GitHub integration, and more
  • Helm Configuration - Configuration of your Okteto Helm chart including authentication, garbage collection, and much more
  • Manage Okteto - Details on how to maintain your Okteto installation long term


We've done our best to make Okteto easy to install and operate. The troubleshooting page has tips and tricks to help troubleshoot common issues.

You can also reach out to support if you need assistance.