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Version: 1.15

Deploy your Okteto instance

Configuration file

Before running helm install, we recommend that you create a yaml configuration file with your choices about how to install Okteto. This guide will walk you through the default installation. A complete list of configuration options is available here.

You can use this sample configuration file as a starting point. The different configuration settings are explained below.

Cluster Endpoint

This is the public endpoint of your Kubernetes cluster. It will be used by Okteto when generating Kubeconfig credentials for your users.

endpoint: ""

Run the following command to obtain your cluster's API server endpoint:

kubectl config view --minify | grep server


You'll receive a license key as part of your subscription to Okteto. If you haven't received it, please open a support ticket.

If you are interested in evaluating Okteto, sign up for our free 30 days trial. No credit card required.

license: XXXXX

Deploy the Okteto Chart

Run helm install to deploy your Okteto instance. In this example, we have named our Helm release okteto.

$ helm repo add okteto
$ helm repo update
$ helm install okteto okteto/okteto -f config.yaml --namespace=okteto --create-namespace

You can also use --version version if you would like to install a specific version of Okteto.

After a few seconds, all the resources will be created. The output will look something like this:

Congratulations! Okteto is successfully installed!

Follow these steps to access your Okteto instance:

1. Start a port-forward to the ingress service by running:

$ sudo kubectl port-forward service/okteto-ingress-nginx-controller 443:443 --namespace okteto

2. Access your Okteto instance at******

Follow these steps to configure the Okteto CLI:

1. Install the Okteto CLI:

$ curl -sSfL | sh

2. Configure the Okteto CLI context:

$ okteto context use --token ****** --insecure-skip-tls-verify

3. You're all set to complete our getting started guide:

Happy coding!

Once the chart is installed, follow the onscreen instructions to finalize the configuration.

Important: The default installation is not recommended for production use. We highly advise following the steps outlined in the Admin Dashboard before giving your team access to your Okteto instance.