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Version: 1.14

Secure and isolated namespaces

With Okteto dashboard you can create and manage secure and isolated Kubernetes namespaces for you and your team.

The Okteto platform will take care of all the required RBAC roles and bindings, resources quotas and limits, pod security policies, and network policies so everyone in your team can safely deploy and develop applications in Kubernetes.

Manage your namespaces

You can create up to five namespaces per account. Go to the Okteto dashboard and click on the (+) symbol on the left.

new namespace dialog

You can also create a namespace directly from the command line with the okteto namespace create command.

Switch your kubectl configuration to point to your namespaces with the okteto kubeconfig command.

Once you're done, you can also delete your namespace via the UI, or with the okteto namespace delete command.

Share your namespace

By default, you'll be the only person with access to your namespaces. Invite your teammates to enable true real-time collaboration.

To share a namespace go to the Okteto dashboard, select the namespace you want to share and press the Share button in the namespace menu (you'll find it in the main bar at the top).

share a namespace

In the Share dialog, type the email address of the team members you want to share this namespace with. Once you press save, Okteto dashboardll update the necessary permissions and notify your teammates via email.

You can sleep your namespace from the command line with okteto namespace sleep [name].

When you want to wake your namespace, you can use the command okteto namespace wake [name].

You can sleep your namespace from Okteto dashboardself by clicking on Sleep dialog.

In order to wake the namespace, you can click on Wake dialog.


SaaS single tenant and Self-Hosted customers can specify a global, default threshold for automatically sleeping a namespace in the garbage collection configuration.