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Version: 0.10

Preview Environments

Preview environments allow you to include a live preview of your changes on every pull request. This is a fantastic way to collaborate with your team's technical, as well as non-technical members, to receive early feedback.

Preview Environments

Okteto's preview environments are powered by Kubernetes and easily integrate with your favorite source control and CI/CD provider. And they use the same pipelines that you already use as part of your development workflow, so it's simple to get started. You can use Preview Environments with either Okteto Cloud or with Okteto Self-Hosted if you want to run them on your Kubernetes infrastructure.

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Circle CI (coming soon!)
  • Bitbucket Pipelines (coming soon!)
  • CodeFresh (coming soon!)


Preview environments deploy the code in a pull request to Okteto Cloud or Self-Hosted. You can configure the way your code gets deployed using Okteto Pipelines. This is exactly the same as using Okteto Pipelines to do custom builds when using Dev Environments.

If you choose not to set up an Okteto Pipeline, Okteto Cloud will analyze the source code of your repository, looking for clues on how to deploy your application. You can read more about this here.