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Version: 0.10

Okteto CLI

Dev Environments allow you to develop your deployed application locally. You continue coding in your favorite IDE and see the changes live on the deployed version of your application as soon as you hit save. Okteto CLI is an open source client-side only tool that allows you to set up Dev Environments with any Kubernetes cluster - your own, Okteto Cloud, or Okteto Self-Hosted.

Below are instructions on how you can install Okteto CLI. Some other important topics related to the CLI are documented here:


Install the Okteto CLI following these steps:

MacOS / Linux

$ curl -sSfL | sh

You can also install via brew by running:

$ brew install okteto


Download and add it to your $PATH.

You can also install via scoop by running:

$ scoop install okteto


Alternatively, you can directly download the binary from GitHub.