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Beginner’s Guide to Network Policies in Kubernetes

Everyone agrees that Kubernetes clusters are not secure by default. But the good thing is that Kubernetes gives you the tools to make it so. In this article,...

November 28, 2022
Avatar of Arsh SharmaAvatar of Arsh SharmaArsh Sharma

Introducing Okteto Divert—Video Tutorial

We're excited to introduce Okteto divert, our newest feature! Divert allows you to have multiple versions of your application in development. This can...

July 09, 2021
Avatar of Jacob MacElroyAvatar of Jacob MacElroyJacob MacElroy

Deploying Docker Compose Applications to Okteto From GitHub

It’s easy to develop applications in the cloud with Okteto! In this video tutorial, Abdul shows you how to deploy docker-compose applications to Okteto...

June 28, 2021
Avatar of Melissa WilliamsAvatar of Melissa WilliamsMelissa Williams