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How to Develop Django and Postgres Applications with Docker and Okteto CLI 2.0

Doesn’t it bother you that you cannot build your application and see how it looks and behaves in production when developing it? If it does, then you...

August 03, 2022
Avatar of Muhammed AliAvatar of Muhammed AliMuhammed Ali

Deploying a Django App on Okteto

An RBAS system helps manage users and prevents certain information from being exposed to everyone. It also ensures that the actions users can perform can...

April 20, 2021
Avatar of Precious NdubuezeAvatar of Precious NdubuezePrecious Ndubueze

How to Develop a Django + Celery app in Kubernetes

Django + Celery is probably the most popular solution to develop websites that require running tasks in the background. Developing a Django + Celery app...

July 27, 2019
Avatar of Pablo Chico de GuzmanAvatar of Pablo Chico de GuzmanPablo Chico de Guzman