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September 2021 Community Call Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended our September 2021 Community Call!

We heard from Wajahat Gilani, Founder of and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers Business School. He talked about his experience using Okteto in one of the courses he teaches for Rutgers’ MBA.

We also heard from our Developer Advocate Abdul, who showed us a demo on how to use Okteto with StatefulSets.

If you’d like to watch the replay we have it available for you here:

Okteto is for more than developers

One of the really cool things we heard about during this month’s call is that Okteto, while a tool for developers, isn’t only for developers. Wajahat shared his experience using Okteto to build a dashboard with his students who are learning data analysis. He wanted to use dashboards with students because nowadays people want interactive and more personal data. While PDFs were the first generation of data sharing, he wanted his students to be prepared for what's expected when sharing data today.

Of course, teaching his students how to build these dashboards led to some decisions that he needed to make. First of all, they would need to learn more than Python. They’d also need to understand HTML/CSS, and they’d need some way to use a tool like FastAPI. He also had to figure out where students would store their data, and that’s when he found Okteto.

Coming from a background that did not include Kubernetes, Wajahat found Okteto easy to learn, use, and teach. His students found Okteto very smooth and easier to use than other tools they tried. We’d love for you to watch the presentation to learn more about his story and how Okteto has helped his students!

StatefulSets with Okteto

Abdul gave us a demonstration on one of our newest features that we’re very excited about—how to use StatefulSets with Okteto. Using FastAPI, he walks you through how to get up and running quickly with StatefulSets. Follow along, and let us know on Twitter if you tried it out for yourself!

As always, we appreciate you taking the time to be part of our Community Calls, whether you attended live or watched the replay.

We’ll see you next month!

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