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Ready to run…Use the Okteto Catalog

Are you ready to run your application? Go to the Okteto Catalog, select your application from the list, and just click "Launch". Okteto takes care of all the tasks, the manifest, and runtime environment automation required to immediately deploy the application for anyone inside and outside the development team. Now that is the best experience for both the experience builder AND their development team. The result is a development experience without friction that enables increased productivity and reduces administrative complexity.

New Experience for Platform Builders

The Catalog is a fast, easy way to pre-configure and publish launch ready Okteto app configurations (based on application and development lifecycle). Whatever makes sense for your project.

Platform Engineer View of listed Apps


  • The Catalog enables experience engineers to pre-configure and publish a list of launch ready application configurations that deploy complete running environments
  • The Catalog enables platform engineers to easily manage provisioning environments based on applications and development projects
  • Automated configuration support for popular repositories such as Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Git.

Editing View adding new App Configuration
Platform Engineer View of Catalog with new App


  • Get back lost innovation time
  • Creates an easy to use interface for everyone on the team
  • Fast way to govern and support development environments
  • Increases visibility, trust, and control in self-service provisioning / de-provisioning environments
  • Significantly reduces risk of errors and minimizes costs

New Experience for Developers:

The Catalog provides the ultimate developer experience for on-demand, self-service launching of application configured environments without manual tracking, configuring, and knowledge of multiple tools. The developer workflow is more independent without having to rely on devops engineers to configure their environments for them.


  • The Catalog is integrated in the Okteto Experience user interface for “one click” launching of app environments.
Developer View of Apps listed in Catalog


  • Get back lost innovation time
  • Hyper-efficiency, on-demand automation increases the velocity of the development lifecycle and efficiency of the development team
  • The optimal developer experience for launching environments without errors and time consuming debugging for complete applications at any stage of the lifecycle.
  • Improved collaboration and less dependency with devops and platform engineering

For Experience Builders and their Development Team

The Catalog feature gives more trust and control to platform, developer experience engineers and administrators and the ability to build a great developer experience. At the same time the Catalog provides a more seamless, frictionless workflow to help developers get started with their work.

The Catalog is available to all Okteto SaaS and self-hosted customers. Learn more and get started today →

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