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Rawkode Live Replay

On May 18th, Ramiro was on Rawkode Live to give a hands-on demonstration of Okteto. David goes through Okteto while Ramiro explains the features and shares background on why we built Okteto the way we have.

Here at Okteto, we believe that good tools have the ability to multiply a team’s effort. Our goal with Okteto is to help developers go faster so they can continue innovating and creating products that make a difference.

One of the things we love hearing from our customers is when devs are able to develop without thinking of Kubernetes. We love Kubernetes of course, but when you’re trying to develop you shouldn’t need to worry about infrastructure. We speed you up so you can create and innovate, rather than spending time setting up clusters or trying to learn Kubernetes.

Watch the video above to get a full walkthrough of Okteto Cloud as we deploy, develop and preview live on the webinar! You’ll get to see David test our docker-compose integration live for the first time!

If you have any questions about Okteto feel free to reach out to us on our #okteto channel in the Kubernetes slack.

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