Thanks to everyone who attended our June Community Call!

The replay is available now and we’d love for you to take a moment to watch and learn about some cool new things happening here at Okteto.

First up, we had Kingdon Barrett with Weaveworks share how he uses Okteto with Flux. Flux is a toolkit for “doing Gitops” on Kubernetes. Flux has its own amazing community of users and is great for decoupling CI and CD for better production reliability.

Kingdon took us through a demo of how easy it is to use Flux with Okteto, and we hope you’ll check out the video above to learn how you can start pairing these tools together.

Next, Jacob MacElroy introduced Okteto’s newest feature—Divert.

Divert allows you to compare side by side the original version of your code and the version that’s under development, which is great for customizing and testing features. He shared a demo Catalog app, which is available for you to try out here.

To read more about the tutorial Jacob shared during the call, check out this README. We’ll have both a tutorial and an article about the Divert feature available on our blog soon. Be sure to check back!

Thanks again to everyone who attended our second monthly Community Call. We’re looking forward to continuing these calls each month and would love to hear from you about what you’d like to happen in future calls. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please fill out our Community Call survey here. Whether you attended live, watched the replay, or just have some general ideas for future calls, we’d be grateful for your input!

See you next month!