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July 2021 Community Call Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended our July Community Call!

We had a great time learning about how the team at OctoBot uses Okteto for their crypto trading tool, and Abdul gave us a first look at the new Preview Environments UI that should be launching soon.

Check out the replay to see what you missed!

OctoBot and Okteto

Guillaume De Saint Martin, and Herklos from OctoBot shared the history of their project, as well as some experiments they’re currently doing with preview environments. They like preview environments because having them on demand allows people from the community to get much faster feedback. You can quickly publish a link, share it, and get instant feedback without going through the entire release cycle.

OctoBot is an open source project with a great community of developers behind it. If you know Python and are interested in crypto, they’d love to have your involvement. Check out the OctoBot open source repo and give it a star or submit a pull request.

You can also join them on their community Telegram chat and follow them on Twitter.

Preview Environments Experience

Our new Preview Environments Experience is coming soon, and we were excited for Abdul to share his walkthrough of the new feature with everyone today as a first look.

Our community call was the first time we've shown this new feature to the world. As a developer-friendly company, we love getting feedback on what we build.

We will now have a dedicated tab in our UI for Preview Environments. You’ll be able to create your Preview Environments in the CLI or by using our GitHub actions. We’re also making it easier to share with your entire team with the added ability to create Global previews. Check out the replay to see what else you can do with our new Preview Environments UI.

Did you attend this month’s Community Call or watch the replay? We’d love to hear your thoughts! You can let us know what you liked and what you’d like to see in future calls by filling out our survey.

Until next time, happy coding!

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