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What's New in Okteto CLI July 2021

We’re excited to announce these new and improved features for Okteto CLI!

Preview environments

Our new preview environments UI is almost ready for release, and there will be some CLI components included. Join us on July 22nd at our next Community Call to get a first look at this new feature. Register here!

Support for private certificates

All GitHub actions and VS Code extensions now have added support for private certificates in the CLI. By default, Okteto creates a wildcard certificate for you, but now you have the option to bring your own certificate. This feature request came directly from one of our Enterprise customers!

.okteto folder support

When you deploy a Git repository, Okteto Cloud will analyze the source code of your Git repository looking for clues on how to deploy your application. If Okteto isn’t able to detect how to deploy your application, or you want to have more control over it, you can customize the Okteto Pipeline by adding a okteto-pipeline.yml or .okteto/okteto-pipeline.yml file to the root of your repository. When you log in, Okteto will remember the URL you used before and will default to that option, rather than the previous default of Cloud.

Making Okteto better for our customers

Here at Okteto, we’re always looking for ways to make our products more useful for our customers. We want developers to get back to the work they love doing without worrying about configuring Kubernetes clusters, or trying to install a million and one dependencies on their machines, which of course slows them down. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to open an issue over on our open source repo here. If you like Okteto, please star the repo to help us get the word out!

Happy Coding!

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