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Introducing Okteto Enterprise

Did you know that Okteto offers a self-hosted plan? Our Enterprise solution is for companies that want to run Okteto on their own Kubernetes cluster, rather than our fully managed Cloud service. Enterprise offers the power of Okteto Cloud with more customization and a dedicated support team to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your Okteto experience.

Okteto Enterprise is the easiest way to share a cluster with a development team, where each developer works on an isolated namespace, and they use the Okteto CLI to iterate on their application as fast as they type code locally.

Schedule a demo with our team to see how Okteto Enterprise can help your team develop at the speed of the cloud!

The power of Okteto on your infrastructure

For many of our customers, the ability to run Okteto on their own infrastructure is a key consideration. Whether it’s because they need full control of their clusters, or perhaps they have unique security needs, the Enterprise plan allows them to use Okteto to deploy, develop, and preview at the speed of cloud, but while maintaining their own Kubernetes infrastructure.

When you sign up for our Enterprise plan, you get a fully functioning version of Okteto that runs on your cluster and allows you to give your team self-service access to your K8s infrastructure. Every user and deployment can have automatically applied security policies, quotas, and access control.

On top of all the features you know from Cloud, Enterprise has several administrative features that help you manage your account and keep your infrastructure under control.

Runs on any Kubernetes cluster

Okteto Enterprise works with any Kubernetes cluster in your own infrastructure. We are compatible with AWS, Google Cloud, bare metal, and all other public and private clouds. Connect to your existing infrastructure with enterprise level security.

Self-service access to Kubernetes namespaces

Each developer has access to a secure and isolated namespace, and they can share those namespaces with other developers. When you share a namespace, you allow for real-time collaboration with members of your team.

Keep your infrastructure under control

Okteto helps you keep your infrastructure under control so you can manage your resources. You can configure your account to shut down resources at the end of the day, so you avoid wasting money on stale resources. We offer a smart autoscaler that will put idle resources to sleep and clean up unused namespaces automatically, saving you resources.

Premium support

As an Enterprise member, you’ll be fully supported throughout the installation and day-to-day use of Okteto. You’ll get a dedicated Slack channel where you can ask questions at any time, and you’ll be paired with a support engineer who will be with you along the way as you get your team set up with Okteto. In addition to these private resources, we encourage every Okteto user to join our channel in the Kubernetes Slack workspace where you can ask questions and interact with other users of Okteto.

Administration dashboard

We make administering your Okteto Enterprise account easy with our Administration dashboard. This is a web UI that allows you to manage some of Okteto’s features. Easily regulate users, namespaces, secrets, and Nodes through the admin dashboard.

Start small and grow

Okteto Enterprise grows with your company. Whether you have a team of 3 engineers (in which case Enterprise would be free for you) or 300 engineers, we can grow and scale with you. All quotas for the self-hosted plan are customizable, and we can help you choose the right options for your team.

New releases delivered regularly

Our team is constantly working on new features and updates to Okteto Enterprise. Recently, we added docker-compose integration, and we’ve just improved support for deploying environments for Docker Compose manifests. We’ve also recently added support for variables on Okteto Pipelines and updated our quickstarts configuration to now include branches and default variables. You can always find our latest release news here.

If you’d like to find out more about Okteto Enterprise, we’d love to chat with you. Schedule a demo with our team to see how Okteto Enterprise can help your team develop at the speed of the cloud!

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