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Cloud-Based Development Environments from any Git Repository

Cloud-based development environments are getting a lot of traction due to its great benefits: instant onboarding, access to cloud infrastructure with no friction, and easier team collaboration. I love the idea of clicking a button and have a ready to go development environment in seconds. This is the future of software development.

But cloud-based development environments come with a few of severe limitations:

  • It don't have access to the underlying infrastructure.
  • I can't reuse my existing application manifests.
  • I am forced to use a browser-based IDE.

Cloud-based Development Environments on Okteto Cloud

Okteto is very unique in this space. It gives you full control to deploy any Kubernetes application as part of your development environment, while at the same time, updates your applications instantly while you code from your local IDE.

For the past few months, we've been having a lot of conversations with Okteto users and development teams. We got great feedback about our vision about development environments but there was one common feedback that kept coming up: I want to describe my development environments as code and deploy them directly from any git branch or commit.

We are very excited to announce that you can now launch your cloud-based development environments directly from any Git repository on Okteto Cloud. Login to Okteto Cloud, paste your repository's URL, click deploy, and your application will be up and running in seconds. It's the easiest way to have a realistic development environment for Kubernetes applications!

![Deploy Git repositories from Okteto Cloud](deploy.gif)

Okteto Cloud is capable to build fresh docker images for your branch and launch your development environment using Helm, Kubernetes manifests or any other CLI tool. And the best part? Your development environment can be deployed with zero config or with full control committing a okteto-pipeline.yml file to your Git repository.

Develop on Okteto Button

But that's not all. We are also introducing the Develop on Okteto button to make it even easier to deploy your development environments directly from your README files or documentation sites. Use this instead of writing a never-ending list of manual steps on how to deploy your development environments. It is ideal to onboard people in open source projects 🤗.

A clear view of your Development Environment

While we were building this new feature, we also decided to give the Okteto Cloud UI a big refresh. All the information that you care about such as the state of your services, your logs, and your endpoints is now visible at a glance.

![Developer first experience](ui-cloud.png)

Are you ready to become a cloud-native developer? Head over to our getting started guide and check out all the new features. We can't wait to hear what you think about them!

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