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August 2021 Okteto Enterprise Release

We’re excited to announce Enterprise Release 0.9.8! Here’s what’s new:

Preview environments

Preview environments now have endpoints, show the owner of the preview environment, and include a link to the pull/merge request. Administrators can see a list of preview environments directly from their dashboard, and now it’s also possible to share preview environments from the dashboard.

Preview Environments UI

GitHub integration

We have a new integration with GitHub and you can now configure a list of repositories for everyone in your team to use. Enable one-click access to both public and private repositories.

More customizations

Based on a client request, we now allow for the customization of the labels and annotations that get added to the namespaces that Okteto creates. Did you know that many of our features come from customer requests?

Support for various features

We offer support for cue and wait-for-it as part of the tools that now come preinstalled on your git deployment pipelines. We have also made performance improvements including less api calls and logs are now streamed.

Have questions about using self-hosted Okteto with your team? Schedule a time on our calendar to chat with us and see a demo of our Enterprise offering (suitable for teams of any size).

Happy Coding!

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