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August 2021 Community Call Recap

Our August 2021 Community Call was a success! Thanks to everyone who attended! If you missed the live call, you can catch up with the replay. We enjoyed hearing from guest Alan Barr and our Developer Advocate Abdul.

First up, Alan Barr discussed how he used Okteto to build an internal developer platform for his developer team at a mortgage company. He shared lessons learned, how to get started if you want to build your own internal development platform, and how his team uses Okteto in their daily work.

One reason he was interested in developing his own internal development platform was to stop wasting time in setup, and to give developers more time to focus on features.

Improving developer experience

We were happy to hear that Alan and his team say Okteto is seamless, responsive, and that our community is amazing (we agree). Okteto helps developers enable a rapid inner loop.

His team now has a more refined developer experience and an internal development platform they can use to code faster. Be sure to watch the replay for details on how he built the platform and how it contributes to the company's developer experience.

Data cloning in Okteto

Next, Abdul presented a demo on how to use Okteto for data cloning. Having data when working in your dev environment makes for a much more realistic experience. When you set up data cloning with Okteto, it will automatically clone data in every development environment you deploy and will ingest it as needed.

Rather than create a bunch of manifests, Abdul shows you how to set up Okteto to automate all of that work for you with only a couple snapshots in your docker-compose.yaml or application manifest.

What’s cool is that you can create a snapshot that allows your team to also consume the data, so everyone has access to development environments with realistic data.

Did you attend the Community Call live? Watched the replay? Either way we’d love to hear your feedback. Please fill out this short survey and let us know what you thought and what you’d like to see in a future Community Call. Until next month, happy coding!

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