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Understand the potential savings and ROI that you can achieve by adopting Okteto Platform with automated and self-service environments.

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Calculations are estimates collected from industry surveys and Okteto customer results. The hours listed below reflect monthly time spent.

Developer productivity

The following areas show an estimate of monthly time spent on non-development activities that impact productivity.

Time spent learning, researching fixing environments

Monthly Average40 hrs
With Okteto8 hrs

Wait time for approvals, provisioning and preview environment

Monthly Average40 hrs
With Okteto8 hrs

Time spent on bug fixes and rework

Monthly Average16 hrs
With Okteto4 hrs

Before Okteto

Development teams are losing significant, valuable time dealing with environment set up, troubleshooting and wait times. Studies show that developers can spend more than 50% of their work time addressing these topics. These inefficiencies not only delay project timelines but also impact overall team morale and product quality.

With Okteto

Okteto's self-service ephemeral environments abstract away manual configurations and local dependencies, eliminating unnecessary development drift. By seamlessly provisioning production-like environments, Okteto frees up teams to focus on innovation, removing the cognitive load of setup and maintenance. Provision environments that developers can trust and allow them to dive straight into their work with confidence and efficiency.

Platform efficiency

The following section shows an estimate of monthly time spent on areas that impact platform engineering effectiveness

Platform help desk: supporting and servicing developers

Monthly Average24 hrs
With Okteto4 hrs

Onboarding: amount of time spent to onboard a new developer

Monthly Average16 hrs
With Okteto4 hrs

Contractors: support time for onboarding and governance of contractors

Monthly Average8 hrs
With Okteto1.6 hrs

Before Okteto

Platform engineering teams struggle with manual provisioning and de-provisioning of environments, leading to inefficiencies, resource bottlenecks and delays. Onboarding new developers is often time consuming due to extensive setup requirements for each individual. A lack of automation greatly impact the teams efficiency, hindering productivity.

With Okteto

By applying automation to your development environment provisioning, platform teams can realize significant time savings through a designed strategy. Centralized control and standardized setups ensure consistency, accelerating time-to-market and boosting productivity.

Staffing budget efficiency

The following areas are considered to calculate estimate cost of turnover

Developer satisfaction: turnover rate

Monthly Average5%
With Okteto2.5%

Before Okteto

Without a focus on developer experience, companies struggle to retain top talent and maintain continuity in their development efforts. Teams must evaluate turnover rates and consider the time, resource and business opportunity costs of replacing developers.

With Okteto

By prioritizing developer satisfaction and providing streamlined environments, Okteto helps companies retain top talent, preserving valuable institutional knowledge and keeping the development engines running. This results in significant cost savings by reducing turnover-related expenses and time to market.