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Version: 1.21

Feature Flags

Okteto provides a list of variables that serve as feature flags for some of the features we release in our product. Below is a list of those variables that you can use to leverage these newer and experimental features:

Environment VariableDescriptionDefault Value
OKTETO_SMART_BUILDS_ENABLEDEnables the Smart Builds feature that uses a hash of the build context to determine if an image needs to be rebuilt or can be pulled from the registry. This can accelerate build times.false
OKTETO_COMPOSE_VOLUME_AFFINITY_ENABLEDCompose services mounting the same volume will be placed on the same node using Kubernetes's pod affinity.true
OKTETO_KUBERNETES_TIMEOUTSpecifies the timeout while deploying.0
OKTETO_FORCE_REMOTEIf true, the CLI will run deploy and destroy commands on the cluster instead of running them locally.false
OKTETO_FOLDERDefines the path where the Okteto folder is located.$OKTETO_HOME/.okteto
OKTETO_LOCAL_REGISTRY_STORE_ENABLEDEnables the local registry credentials over the credentials stored in the cluster.true
OKTETO_USE_STATIC_KUBETOKENUse a fixed token rather than a dynamic token for interactions with the Kubernetes API.false
OKTETO_AUTOGENERATE_STIGNOREIf true, generates the .stignore file when running okteto up.false
OKTETO_AUTODEPLOYIf set, forces the deployment of the development environment on okteto up.false
OKTETO_COMPOSE_UPDATE_STRATEGYDefines the update strategy that the compose must translate (it can be one of: rolling/recreate/on-delete).N/A
OKTETO_DISABLE_SPINNERIf set disables the spinner rotation.false
OKTETO_SYNCTHING_VERSIONSpecifies the Syncthing version the CLI must use.N/A