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Self-service Dev Environments on K8s

Get straight to developing with modern development environments that look like production
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Code Locally, Run on Kubernetes

Don’t wait hours to see results by committing, deploying, and waiting for CI builds. Okteto spins up a modern dev environment on your cluster to deploy your application stack where you can see your changes live, exactly as they would look in production.

See how it worksScreenshot of the Okteto appScreenshot of the Okteto app

Faster, more Confident Development

With less time spent on deployment-related tasks, developers can solely focus on building their applications. Code in your favorite IDE, save your changes, and see the results immediately, on your Kubernetes development environment.

Coding and building images
Hot and sluggish laptop

Your laptop isn’t a rocketship

With Okteto the only thing you'll be using your machine for is writing code. Developers no longer need to worry about installing, configuring and and running resource-intensive tools. The results: faster machines that don’t burn up.

Use your own toolbox

Okteto works with your favorite IDE and the tools you already love to use. No need to learn a new tool, or change the workflow you’ve established in your local environment.

Okteto removes the tiring frustrations of dealing with building and committing your changes - leaving everything else just as it was!

Use Okteto alongside your own toolsUse Okteto alongside your own tools
Hybrid development with OktetoHybrid development with Okteto

Works with any app

Just run `okteto up` and leave the rest to us. If you have 50+ microservices or a bunch of data that needs cloning, we ensure you get a realistic replica of your production environment quickly and with minimal effort. Okteto works with your already existing Helm charts, docker-compose, or Kubernetes manifests right out of the box!

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Remote development environments help everyone go faster. We’re sure there’s an Okteto solution for your team.

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