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Okteto Deep Dive — Saiyam & Ramiro

We’re excited to share the conversation that I had with my good friend Saiyam (CNCF Ambassador and Director of Evangelism at Civo Cloud) on the past, present, and future of Okteto and Cloud Native Development.

Cloud Native Development for Everyone

In this video, Saiyam and I talked about the history of Okteto, how our current users and customers take advantage of Okteto to speed up their development, and played with some of Okteto's existing and future features. And in a totally unscripted moment, Saiyam created an Okteto account, deployed one of Docker's sample apps into his namespace, and used that to explore our platform. It was great!

Okteto allows you to deploy, develop, and preview at the speed of the cloud, and is available as a hosted cloud service, or self-hosted on your own infrastructure. Our self-hosted option pairs perfectly with Civo's Kubernetes Service and is available through the Civo Marketplace.

Happy Coding!

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