5 steps to bring DevX automation to your company
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Automate Development Experiences

Increase your team's velocity from development to deployment

Platform and DevX Engineers

Okteto is a platform for defining, deploying, and managing development environment automation from developers to testers to release engineers.

  • Configure and standardize production-like environments on Kubernetes
  • Provision self-service DevX to quickly spin-up apps and microservices without any developer admin
  • Unify development and production environments for higher quality deployment of apps on Kubernetes
  • Unify, standardize, and govern modern development environments and experience

Modern App Developers

The Okteto cloud-native user experience creates and manages secure and isolated Kubernetes namespaces for you and your team.

  • Developers work in Namespaces just like you’d expect if you're going to deploy with Kubernetes.
  • Develop with your favorite IDE and run your application in Kubernetes just like in production
  • Make code changes and Okteto will sync changes in running Kubernetes cluster environments
  • Share namespaces and development environments making team development simple

Extended Product Team

Extended product teams including developers, testers, and key members from products, marketing, and sales can share in the experience and development feedback.

  • No one is waiting for an environment and can quickly participate in providing rapid application feedback
  • Quickly integrate with your devops platform and run Preview Environments on every pull request
  • Deliver Preview Environments and a Catalog of ready-to-use app-configured environments to internal and external users

Test and Release Engineers

Test and Release Engineers merge, QA, and release with enhanced visibility, trust, and control.

  • Work with realistic environments, including data, security, and production like app infrastructure
  • Increase the feedback loop to developers and the operations teams
  • Faster and more production-like cycles for SRE quality, security and performance verification

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