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Version: 1.18

Install and Configure the Okteto CLI

The Okteto CLI is our open-source tool that let's you develop your applications on Okteto.

This doc explains how to install and configure the Okteto CLI.

Installing the Okteto CLI

Install the Okteto CLI following these steps:

MacOS / Linux

curl -sSfL | sh

If you need a specific version you can set the OKTETO_VERSION environment variable:

curl -sSfL | OKTETO_VERSION=2.25.2 sh

You can also install it via brew by running:

brew install okteto


Download and add it to your $PATH.

You can also install it via scoop by running:

scoop install okteto

For updating okteto with scoop, you might need to scoop unhold okteto & scoop update okteto or scoop uninstall okteto & scoop install okteto


Alternatively, you can directly download the binary from GitHub or build it directly from the source code.

Configure the Okteto CLI

The first thing you need to do before using the Okteto CLI is to set the Okteto CLI context with your Okteto instance. To do this, run the command below replacing in your instance URL:

okteto context use

You can confirm that your CLI is configured by running the command below:

okteto context list
Name                          Namespace       Builder                                 Registry * cindy tcp://

Next Steps

In this section we installed Okteto CLI on our machine and configured it to work with your Okteto instance 🚀

In the next step of this getting started guide, you are going to deploy your first app to Okteto 😎