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Version: 1.15

Okteto License

Okteto requires a license key to use any of our paid products. We offer two paid products: SaaS and Self-Hosted. If you use Okteto SaaS then no action is required of you to obtain a license as this is fully managed by Okteto. If you use Okteto Self-Hosted, then you will need to obtain a license and include that in your config.yaml when installing Okteto.


You can also optionally include your Okteto license using Cloud Secrets.

Why a license is required

We require you obtain a license to use Okteto because the product is highly customizable and we want to ensure you have a great experience getting it installed and configured. Obtaining a license from us kicks off specific customer success workflows to help us provide you with the right guidance and support.

Don't worry. We don't require you speak with someone from our Sales team to try Okteto or deal with more friction than is necessary. There's also no requirement to provide us with credit card information. We want you to experience Okteto in the ways we believe will inform your decisions and requiring a license is the first step on that journey.

This requirement also helps us know who's using our product for typical product development and marketing initiatives that enable us to continue building more and better features.

How to obtain a license

There are two ways to obtain a license from Okteto.

  1. Fill out the self-hosted free trial form on our website
  2. Contact us to schedule a demo

When you fill out the self-hosted free trial form you will automatically receive an email containing a trial license key. This option does not require any interaction with Okteto or our teams and gives you the control and independence to try Okteto self-hosted on your schedule and at your own pace. This process and license key only works and provides access to the self-hosted version of Okteto.

The alternative option of contacting us for a demo will get you in touch with someone from our team to guide you through a personalized demo and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and explore our product side-by-side with our knowledgable team. This process can result in a free trial of Okteto SaaS or Self-Hosted, which provides you with additional flexibility to use Okteto in the way that best suits your needs.

How to use the license

If you have opted to use Okteto SaaS then there is no action required of you. We will handle the generation, assignment, and configuration of the trial license for your SaaS instance.

If you have opted to use Okteto Self-Hosted then you will need to add your license key to your config.yaml. If you do not yet have a license, please choose one of the methods above.

Once you have your license, you can add it to your config.yaml using the license: key. For example:

license: ABC123...XYZ456