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Version: 1.13

GitHub Permissions for Okteto

GitHub Permissions

When using the Okteto UI to enable Preview Environments for your GitHub repositories, we request the following permissions:

permissions requested on github for preview environments

The reasons for requesting the above permissions are listed below.

Repository Permissions

  • Contents: Needed to clone repositories for deploying Preview Environments
  • Metadata: Needed to list repositories a user has access to on the Okteto dashboard
  • Pull Requests: Needed to comment on the pull requests with the deployed Preview Environment URL and to deploy/destroy a Preview Environment based on whether a PR has been opened/closed
  • Commit Statuses: Needed to change the status of a commit to show if the Preview Environment for it was deployed successfully or not

Organization Permissions

  • Members: When an org admin installs Okteto for a GitHub organization, this permission allows us to list available repositories to all org members who log in to Okteto

User Permissions

  • Email Address: This is required during the sign up in order to link your GitHub account to your Okteto account.