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Version: 1.20

Okteto Registry with Filesystem storage

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up the Okteto Registry with filesystem persistency to store your container images.

Filesystem storage might limit your ability to scale up the registry, depending on the type of storage you are using.

In your Helm configuration file, set filesystem.enabled to true if you want to store the images in the container filesystem.

Additionally, set filesystem.persistence.enabled to true if you want to store the images in a PVC attached to the Okteto Registry. You can also customize the storageClass (optional), the size of the volume (defaults to 40Gi), or attach a pre-existing persistent volume claim via claimName.

enabled: true
enabled: true
claimName: ""
accessMode: ReadWriteOnce
storageClass: ""
size: 40Gi

Finally, upgrade your Okteto instance for the new configuration to be applied. We recommend that you upgrade to the same version that you already have to minimize the changes and help you troubleshoot any issues.