Workshop: Migrating your apps to Kubernetes | August 31
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TalksEliminating the Gap Between Development and Production with Kubernetes and Crossplane

With the adoption of Kubernetes, it has become more complicated for developers to create a development environment that mirrors production. Tools like Kind and Minikube don't completely replicate production, which means that developers often have to rely on CI/CD pipelines or access to staging environments to ensure that their code works when pushed to production. However, the problem with these approaches is that they take time and lead to a poor developer experience. This talk will demonstrate how developers can use Kubernetes and Crossplane to power development environments that look exactly like production. The talk will cover:

- What Kubernetes based development environments are, and how Crossplane provisions infrastructure

- How a combination of the two helps developers be more productive

- Live demo of setting up a development workflow using them


Ramiro BerrellezaCEO & Co-founder View all videos
Arsh SharmaDeveloper Experience Engineer / EmojiologistView all videos

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