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Version: 1.12

Free Starter Plan

Sleeping Applications in the Starter Plan

As part of the free Starter plan and in order to automatically save resources, inactive applications are automatically scaled to zero after 24 hours of inactivity.

An application is considered inactive if you haven't performed any of the following things in the last 24 hours:

  • Upgrade or Redeploy it via the UI or the command line
  • Launched a Developer Environment with okteto up
  • Pushed the latest version of your code with okteto push

Any service accounts, config maps, secrets, or volumes you create will be unaffected by this operation.

Namespaces will be deleted after 15 days of inactivity.

Restart sleeping applications

Wake your application by doing any of the following actions:

  • Visit any of the public endpoints of your application
  • Press the Wake All button from the namespace view of the Okteto UI

Upgrade to one of our paid plans and get complete control of your team's development experience, including when your development environments go to sleep.