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OctoBot and Okteto

OctoBot is a free open source trading robot written in Python. The vision behind OctoBot is that trading should be accessible to anyone interested in it, regardless of their financial knowledge, how rich or how well connected they are. If your goal is to grow your wealth by trading, we believe you should be able to.

Trade cryptocurrencies for free

Therefore we created OctoBot: it allows you to trade cryptocurrencies for free using many different existing strategies or even by creating your own and it does this in a 100% transparent manner. Everything is open source and it's easy to contribute to improve the robot.

With OctoBot, you can trade on every major exchange using exchange price data, technical analysis, social media analysis (like listening to twitter accounts, subreddits or google trends), telegram signals and more. It's then up to you to choose what data to take into account in a pre-coded strategy or to create your own.

Create your own trading strategies

If you know a bit of programming and are interested in trading automation, OctoBot is made for you. You can easily create your own strategy following your own ideas and experience. Then, you can choose to share it with the OctoBot community or just keep it for yourself.

If you are interested in developing your strategy, checkout our developer guide.

OctoBot is open source

OctoBot is open source, and we encourage everyone who is interested in contributing to do so!

If you’d like to contribute to the project, please check out our open source repo on GitHub and give it a star or submit a pull request.

Preview environments with Okteto

Thanks to Okteto, pull requests changes can be deployed in a preview environment to quickly and easily see improvements and new features added by every contributor. There is a comment available on each pull request with the Develop on Okteto button. This allows developers to create a preview environment in Okteto and see the new feature or changes right away.

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